Dress Shopping: The Perfect Experience- Part III

Dress Shopping: The Perfect Experience- Part III

Brides-to-be, selecting the perfect dress for your wedding is one of the most exciting moments in a woman and her mom’s life. Here are some helpful tips for buying the perfect wedding gown.

1. Know Your Personal Style 
With so many designs, styles, and lengths of wedding dresses, you have plenty of options to choose from. Research is key when selecting the style that fits your body type and environment of wedding, just as you do in ready-to-wear. Magazines, Internet and Window shopping helps you in discovering what is fun, fabulous and fits who you are as a bride. Keep in mind just because the dress looks good on the rack or model in the magazine, does not mean it will do the same for you. Be open-minded to different styles and never be afraid to trust the bridal stylist/designer at the boutique.
2. Know your wedding dress budget
This is a very important step when venturing out to purchase your dream dress. Set a budget, being sure to allow a little extra within budget for alterations, custom changes, and shipping if you are having a destination wedding. Setting a budget will help the bride to not overspend when buying a gown. Keep in mind there are a few other things you will purchase to go with the dress. (i.e. shoes, undergarments, etc.) Always find that boutique or designer that fits your budget. A lot of brides have struggled with budget, when they go shopping somewhere outside of their budget, they tend to fall in love with a gown they can not afford. To avoid that set your budget and find a place that caters to that budget.
3. Sample Gown Shopping
 In today’s society so many brides-to-be are always looking for that big discount on their dream dress. Never be afraid to buy the gown right off the sales floor. Many boutiques and designers tend to have a variety of store samples they do not mind parting with for a nice discounted price.Be open to try on every style available to you at the moment, within your budget.
4. Dress Size does Matter
When shopping for your dream dress, many brides to be panic when it comes to size and measurements. Never be afraid of the tape measure and the size a stylist or designer gives you. Most brides do not realize that ready to wear size, which are clothes worn everyday are always smaller than couture sizes. Wedding gowns are considered couture pieces they they are created to fit your shape exactly with very little wiggle room. So if you are a size 10 in ready-to-wear, a stylist may suggest a size 12 in couture. The reason behind this too, is so in alterations they are able to leave extra fabric within dress in case you lose or gain weight closer to your big day. So do not let the numbers scare you and never order a dress size according to the weight you plan to lose. Stay true to size and allow the alteration specialist to do the rest.
 5. Never be afraid to ask around
There are thousands of brides who have been through this process before you. So never shy away from the idea of seeking out other options and suggestions from those around you.


Good luck in finding your dream dress. Hopefully our tips will help to make your shopping experience a little easier and fun.

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